Friday, October 21, 2011

Thrifting toys for Gideon

I love going to thrift stores! And, I buy lots of stuff for Gideon at them. Clothes and toys can be great finds. Especially when new clothes and toys are so expensive! $15 to $30 for a toy the child might not even like seems too expensive to me.

I always carry a notebook with me that has a list of things I'm watching for at thrift stores. Kitchen stuff, what books I need or want, sizes in kid's clothes I'm looking for, etc. And, I always look through the kid's toys. There can be some really junky stuff but every once in awhile, I find something that Gideon will really love.

I like to look for musical instruments. I'm still on the lookout for a small keyboard or piano and any percussion instruments. But, I found a Little Tikes guitar several months ago. He loves it so much! I think the batteries need to be changed though because it's started making some awful noises instead of music. It might also be because Gideon likes to stand on it. But, it was $1.50. Can't beat that since new ones run about $14.

The keyboard behind him was also a thrift store buy- $1 and we cut off the cord. He likes to walk on it- apparently it's a nice foot massage.

Dave had Thursday off so while Gideon napped, I went thrift shopping without a baby! It was heavenly! No fussing in the stroller, no trying to run out the door or pull things off the shelves.

I went to the local Hospice thrift store that is always so well organized. and their prices on toys are AWESOME.

We have been looking for a doll stroller or grocery cart for months. He loves to push things around and we knew he would love to have one at home. It was $1.50! And pretty sturdy. Most of them that I've seen new at stores look like they would break if a kid sat in them and are usually more than $15. Gideon already tested his weight in this and it passed.

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