Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sewing while Gideon is awake

 Sewing while Gideon is awake is a little more difficult but manageable. He definitely enjoys it, even if I don't!

He likes to take the thread off my machine. After he played for awhile, I put it away.

 So, he reached inside to grab the thread and try to eat it.

Successful tasting of the thread. Thankfully, I still managed to start and finish a project!

 I made a needle and hook roll yesterday. Even with my little helper it took less than an hour.

 I just used one large piece of cotton fabric, serged the edges, sewed on three pieces of felt and then put holes in the felt for the needles and hooks to go through. I used scissors at first but then realized my seam ripper worked faster and was more accurate.

 Then, I just sewed a matching strip of fabric for the tie. Easy peasy! It works and looks better than the plastic grocery sack where I was keeping my needles.

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