Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Toddler activities

I've been wanting to enrich Gideon's play. He finds plenty to do- putting canned goods in my pots, scattering my kitchen utensils throughout the house so while I'm cooking I have to check EVERYWHERE for the spoon or whisk I need. He plays with his toys- guitars, stacking toy, blocks, cars. We play lots of peek a boo and hide and seek (course, he'll come out as soon as I say, "Where's the baby?") He goes grocery shopping and on walks with me.

So here are a few of the activities I've done with him lately.

Coloring! He loves it but tries to eat the crayon after only a few minutes.
Playing in the sink while Mommy cooks is also very fun. He tends to get himself and the floor soaked but at least it keeps him out of trouble while I'm kneading dough or prepping dinner.
Inside jungle gym with his old crib mattress. All we do is pile a bunch of pillows and blankets under it and let him run up and down. He loves it and it wears him out!
Rice cereal. I love those rice or bean sensory tables but since Gideon still eats EVERYTHING, I needed something that would be okay if he ate it. This rice cereal is the perfect stuff. He used the spoon to move them around and then dumped the whole thing on the floor! At least then he tried to pick some of it up.

I also decided to make some sensory bags for him. I ended up making four. One has a marble with a little maze stitched in, one has plastic so it crinkles, another has knotted up yarn and the final one has beans. He hasn't shown too much interest in them but I plan on making a few more.

Sensory bags
WARNING: Puffed rice does not tend to stay in the container, so be prepared to vacuum!

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