Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tips on decluttering

At the beginning of this year, I joined an online challenge to get rid of 2011 things in 2011. I've gotten rid of 1737 things! It's kind of fun to keep track. I count any clutter that I get rid- everything from clothes being donated to trash that Gideon adopted as a toy getting thrown out finally.

Since i have no pictures for this post, I'll put one of Gideon in here! Also, I have no idea why it's sideways. It's right in the file...
I don't know if I'll actually make it to 2011 but I do need to go through all our clothes. I also want to get rid of some DVDs- we have so many we've never really watched more than once or twice. Those I'll try selling before taking them to a donation place.

I think keeping track of the things I'm getting rid of has helped in a couple ways. I'm still buying things (obviously based on my thrift store posts!) but I'm more aware of things coming into our house. It also seemed to release some sort of mental block about getting rid of things. I had two boxes of clothes that didn't fit me (from before I was even pregnant) that I carried with us through FOUR moves! I finally just donated them- I didn't even open the boxes up because I knew I would be tempted to keep things, just in case. Once I donated those, it was like freedom! I went through my other clothes and if something didn't fit or if I didn't like it very much, it went in the donation pile. Now my closet is easier to go through and we won't have to move a couple boxes the next time.

Right now, I have a plastic tote that I fill with items to be donated. When it's full, we bring to one of the thrift stores in town. 

I know we'll be moving again within the next year. After that, there's another move planned after a year or two there. So, it behooves me to keep our stuff to a minimum. Easier to pack, easier to unpack!

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