Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to carry your baby.

So, wearing Gideon has been great when we are out and about. I don't wear him much at home though I'm thinking about getting a woven wrap and trying out back carries when he's being super clingy. Which seems like every day recently...

This was his first time in the stretchy wrap I made. It was nice when he was tiny because it held him very close, kept him warm and I was able to breastfeed without taking him out. I've used it a few times recently and it's still comfortable but makes me a little too warm.

We got a great deal on an Ergo carrier. It's nice because we can carry him on the front, back or hip. We haven't done a back carry in it yet. We should try that soon! I have not tried to breastfeed while using it though I've read that others have great success in it. Dave is usually the one that uses the Ergo while I opt for my favorite.

This is my favorite carrier for short trips. The ring sling is easily adjustable and comfy for both of us. I ordered it from a shop on Etsy. I chose linen fabric because it's very breathable and strong. Gideon can sleep easily in it because it positions him exactly like I hold him. It's easy to breastfeed while using this carrier as well.

This is our stroller obviously. We got it from a local consignment shop when we sold some stuff there. We use it for walks around the block or along the river. We always bring a carrier as well in case he wants to be held. He doesn't mind the stroller but I feel weird with it sometimes because I can't always see his face and he feels so far away from me! It is nice for walks since it's harder to walk really fast for exercise while wearing a carrier.

There are many more options for baby carriers. Check out Granola Babies for lots of options for ordering online and how to find the carrier for you. There are stretchy wraps, woven wraps, soft structured carriers like the Ergo that buckle or that tie, ring slings or pouches. If you are interested in baby wearing, a quick Internet search will yield hundreds of results!

Look for carriers that position the baby facing in, close to the parents body and in a position that you would naturally carry a baby. Tiny babies should be held upright, against your chest with legs tucked into a frog like position. Always make sure you can see baby's face and that baby's head is supported. Older babies should be in a seated position with their knees above their hips. Allowing their legs to dangle can cause hip problems and it can't be comfortable!

If you go with wrap carriers, there are hundreds of sites about different ways to wrap and carry your baby. YouTube also has lots of videos on how to do it if there are carries that you are unsure of trying. Try it, I know you and your baby will love it!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cloth diaper pictures!

We've been using cloth exclusively at home for almost 6 months. We love it and I thought I'd post some pictures of our little man wearing the different types.

Prefolds without a cover. Fastened with a Snappi.

Top: A Bummis cover over a prefold. Bottom: Thirsties fab fitted.

Top: Fitted snap diaper. Bottom: Flat, folded and fastened with a Snappi.

Huate Pockets diaper.

There are so many options out there for cloth diapers- this is a very small sample of what's available.