Thursday, October 20, 2011

Food, glorious food (for baby!)

Gideon is still nursing quite a bit. He loves his nursing time and I think if I let him, he would nurse all day sometimes.

But, he's also eating solids now! He was such a slow starter. I wanted to do baby led weaning, but he didn't take to it. So, we tried purees and he thought we were trying to poison him. So, we waited a few months and he started letting us feed him applesauce and Greek yogurt. He would also eat animal crackers and Ritz crackers.

After months of surviving off breast milk, crackers, and applesauce, he's FINALLY eating other foods!

From the top: Yesterday morning I'd made a puff pancake with apple slices in it. When I gave him a piece, he ran into the kitchen, put it in one of the pots and grabbed the popsicle stick. He loved stabbing it and taking a bite. Next is him with his favorite drink- very watered down, not very sweetened green tea. Then a pear slice that he's trying to stab with the fork. And the last picture was from yesterday when he ate rice and teriyaki chicken.

Today he ate a taquito sample at Costco! And, then, when we got home I was putting away our purchases and refilling some of our noodles and oatmeal containers. Gideon climbed up onto a chair next to the counter and when I spilled some of the raw oatmeal, he started snacking on it. He probably ate a tablespoon or two of raw oatmeal! So funny.

We found that giving him a plate with his own fork makes him eat more. He LOVES to stab things with the fork and eat it. That's the only way I got him to even try the chicken. He wouldn't touch it with his fingers.

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