Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's a...

We were very surprised when we opened that envelope after the ultrasound! For some reason, we both were convinced it was going to be a girl. We are very excited to be expecting our little man though. Dave is SO excited. He wants to show the picture of little man's stuff off to everyone but I told him he wasn't allowed to post it anywhere. Just seems a little weird to me.

It was so cool to see him on the screen though. It's weird that he's actually in there, swimming around. He moves a lot more than I can actually feel.

So, since I had been thinking girl all this time, I had all these ideas for little dresses and outfits I could sew for her. Little play food sets I would make, little dolls and stuffed animals. Well, now I have to come up with ideas for what to make for my boy! I compiled a little list of things I want to make. I'll post them here in case any other parent of a boy needs some ideas. Let me tell you, there are a lot more tutorials and ideas out there for little girl stuff!

Fabric barn (also includes dollhouse tutorial)
Felt ball (I have a ton of felt that I'll be able to use for these!)
Rocket ship (I love this one)
Crocheted dragon (I've wanted to make this for awhile now... just to have made it. But, it will make a great toy for a little boy! I'm thinking I'll need to modify a crocheted doll pattern to make a little knight so the boy can have battles.)
Felt castle (for the dragon to attack!)

I also found a few patterns for crocheted cars on Ravelry that I might try. And has tons of little animal patterns.

So, my son will not be without homemade toys. I hope to add Lincoln Logs, some wooden blocks and other wood toys. I want to keep my house as plastics free as possible... also as few battery operated toys as possible!

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