Friday, January 23, 2009

Today I'm also

Feeling very crafty.

I want to go home and make something. I've been browsing craft blogs lately and have so many great ideas that I'd like to make my own.

I recently started making amigurumi animals. I know, I'm a bad blogger that hasn't posted any pictures of them. So far I've made an elephant, turtle, frog, snake, octopus, bear and a bird. I think my favorite is the elephant. I have plans to add a pink flower to his trunk and I will call him Horton. I searched blog after Web site after blog for ideas and patterns. I'll post pictures later, promise!

But, today I've been looking at blogs that have quilts, purses, toys and so many sewn things. It makes me want to get out yards of pretty fabric, thread my sewing machine and just sew all day long.

And all those projects gave me an idea. I want to try new things this year in the crafting arena, so, I made a crafting resolutions list.

This year I want to (in no certain order):

  • Make a quilt
  • Sew baby/ children's toys out of fabric
  • Sew t-shirt designs (actually my husband's idea.)
  • Knit or crochet a sweater (maybe just a baby one)
And make many other little things. These are things I haven't tried before. I also plan to continue the crocheted animals because I think they are great little gifts. And I'll make the odd scarf or afghan as the desire strikes me.

With all these plans, I might have to open an Etsy shop to unload the extra craft projects.

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