Friday, October 1, 2010

My version of fried rice

Okay, so this blog isn't all about baby... Thought I'd post a recipe that I came up with to use up all sorts of leftovers and things about to go bad in the fridge. Now, I've never loved fried rice- it's too dry I think. So, I blended risotto and fried rice recipes and came up with something yummy!

The recipe isn't exact because I tend to just throw things in the pot. Use up the leftovers you have- you don't have to add the same things that I did.

I started out crisping about three pieces of bacon in my wok. Remove the bacon to a paper towel when crisp and then add in half a chopped onion (the other half from an earlier meal), a few chopped up stalks of celery and diced carrot (both were in the bottom of the fridge and on the floppy side) and cook for a few minutes. Season with salt and pepper and whatever else you want.

Add a couple cups of cooked rice (I mixed leftover brown and white rice that I had) and about half a cup of chicken broth or water. Stir and when the rice has absorbed the liquid, add more. Continue doing this until the consistency is what you like. Then, add in chopped meat (I used leftover chopped turkey) and any quick cooking vegetables like corn or peas. Add the bacon back in and scrambled egg if you want.

I topped mine with crunchy chow mein noodles. I much prefer this to dry fried rice and by adding all the veggies and meat, this is a meal in itself.


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