Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I made some diapers!

I used old t-shirts and towels that I washed in RLR to remove soap residue so they are absorbent.

The orange diaper is very absorbent and will be better for nighttime. I put three layers of towels in the center (sandwiched between four layers of soft old t-shirts.)

The gray and blue diaper was made from an old polo of Dave's that was starting to fall apart. I made a separate insert for that so it's less bulky and perfect for daytime use.

The diapers are fastened with a Snappi. I debated putting velcro on them but I think I'll wait for that until I can order the kind specifically made for diapers.

Gideon spends most of the day without a cover- I've discovered that he doesn't pee while he's asleep which makes me feel better while he naps on me. Keeping him coverless means he never sits in a pee soaked diaper and he gets plenty of air so he never gets diaper rash.

I will be making more diapers out of old clothes- hopefully they will last him through potty training!

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