Monday, December 7, 2009

Finally! Another post... It's Christmas time!

So, my husband and I went looking at Christmas trees yesterday. It was about 10 degrees outside and blowing like crazy. SO COLD! The cheapest tree we could find was $35 and still too big for our living room. We decided to wait on it and ran to the store to grab a few things before heading home.

Well, I saw this tiny Italian pine tree there for $4. So, I decided to go with a living Christmas tree this year. Granted, we won't be able to fit many ornaments on it, but then, we don't have many! I'll just hang a string of lights around the sliding glass door behind it and we'll be all set with Christmas decorations. After Christmas I'll plant it in a bigger pot and keep it with the rest of my plants. Hopefully it will survive the year and we'll have a little bit bigger tree for next Christmas!

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