Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More reusing!

So, I posted about how I make lemonade for my husband from jugs of it I get at Costco. But, all those jugs are collecting in my cupboard, so I've tried to find ways to reuse them.

So, I cut the top of one and used it to sprout some pepper plants. It was almost impossible to poke holes in the bottom for drainage though so it wouldn't work for a real planter.
Also, I switched to an eco friendly dishwasher soap. The only problem is that the soap tended to solidify. So, after crumbling it back apart I poured it into an old lemon juice container. This keeps the moisture out and makes it much easier to pour.
So, now I just need to find more uses for the rest of them! Suggestions are welcome! :)

1 comment:

  1. holy moly! that is a lot of lemon juice!
    i'm sure you've already thought of it, but do you use one of the older bottles to hold his lemonade? fill with water, freeze, then set in front of a fan to cool the air??